Star Reiki

Violet Stars


Star Reiki Academy™ Certified Star Reiki: Light Healer - Level 1 February 2019

Taught by - Lindsay Fairbairn: Star Reiki Master & Teacher IICT Creator of Star Reiki Academy™


    Star Reiki is a natural energetic method of healing and

         personal spiritual transformation.

  • Star Reiki Level 1 healing works with light key codes from Sirius, The Pleiades and Arcturus star systems and ascended Masters. 

  • Star Reiki is the newest form of Reiki and uses ancient geometric symbols and conscious Star light key-codes, not present in the Usui method.

  • It aids relaxation, and can bring relief from emotional stress, assists in the body's natural healing processes and also aids in developing emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

      clients report that they feel much clearer and energised after a treatment.

       Treatments are charged from £50-£57 per treatment

"I went to see Moira for Star Reiki when I was extremely stressed out.  After one session I already felt like I could breathe again!"

Emily Stroud