Crystal & Multi-Dimensional Healing

The Therapist, Moira, qualified with the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy in 2000, is accredited by the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA), and is a member of The Healer Foundation.

I add a unique combination of additional healing modalities into the mix to complement and enhance the effects of the crystal healing work. These include Vortex® Healing and Multi-Dimensional Healing, which can help to re-align the whole system whilst bringing in higher frequencies and potential into the auric field and the physical body.


Clients report that they feel relaxed, positive and “more themselves” after treatments, which enables them to get on with their everyday life with more vigour and enthusiasm.  Often, if they are going through a tough time then I recommend regular treatments to help clear the path ahead and help them to become stronger and more able to cope with their circumstances which then helps them to make better choices for themselves.


  • A typical treatment will take up to an hour. 

  • When seen in person, the client relaxes, on a treatment couch

  • The practitioner then places crystals on and around the client’s body depending on where they are needed

  • The Crystals are placed to firstly to help cleanse the body from energy blockages, followed by carefully chosen crystals for each client to help clear and re balance their chakras

  • Vortex® Energy Healing and other healing modalities are then used to help clear and re-align the auric field introducing fresh energy into the physical and auric bodies

Moira Griffiths-Camino Dip. VCCT, HND, HbT

What to Expect:



I have had a number of crystal healing sessions with Moira and she is a brilliant therapist who immediately makes you feel at ease and explains everything clearly. The sessions are extremely relaxing and I always leave feeling energised and positive with the feeling a load has been lifted. The good energy continues for days and often weeks, providing a general sense of well being and contentedness. I would highly recommend Moira as she is knowledgeable and caring and provides an excellent overall service, she goes the extra mile to look out for you and makes you feel special.

Penny. D

Financial Recruitment Consultant

At a time in my life when I felt my whole world had been blown apart, I was struggling to find a way through all of the emotions and turmoil of trying to piece myself back together.  I needed something for me and hoped that Crystal Healing would be the answer.. It set me on a path of recovery emotionally and gave me the space during treatments to clear my head and body through crystal healing and therefore gave me renewed strength to face reality.

N. Holmes

I had Crystal Therapy shortly after the birth of my second child.  I had a c/section and was in a lot of pain physically as well as feeling emotionally exhausted & tearful!  The therapy was an incredibly relaxing and calming experience.  After several treatments I felt a great improvement emotionally, it enabled me to find my centre therefore building on inner strength enabling me to heal from within.  It helped me to focus on my own needs as well as my new baby’s needs to achieve a balance which is so often lost with a new arrival.  I would definitely recommend Crystal Therapy, especially to new mothers.  The postnatal period is a whirlwind of emotion & activity and this treatment really helped me.

Naomi. C

Housewife (formerly training as a midwife)

Treatments are charged at £60 per treatment.  £10 discount given when you book a block of three treatments.