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What is Bio-Energetic Screening/The Asyra Pro?


Bioenergetic screening is based on older methods of non-chemical testing such as kinesiology, meridian point testing, acupuncture, nutrition, homeopathy and herbalism.  Dr Voll built upon the above therapies in the 1950’s and developed a technique suitable for health analysis and determining the suitability of remedies.

The development of the personal computer to record the energetic “signature” of substances allowed for a computerised application of Voll’s method to be developed called the CEDS – “Computerisd Electro Dermal Screening”, the Asyra Pro is the latest version of this technology.


How does it work?


The Asyra Pro works by holding an electrode in the palm of each hand.  By measuring how the skin resistance changes in response to different signal outputs, the Asyra Pro can conduct a full screening of the whole body in only a few minutes giving an energetic assessment (not diagnostic). 

The Asyra asks the body and mind questions quickly and efficiently through subtle energetic responses.  This then helps the practitioner to build a picture of the body’s challenges and needs which can then look to be corrected.


What is the evidence?


  • Dr Voll studied correlations over decades – many are still being verified by recent research

  • A UCLA lung cancer study resulted in no false negatives and 4 false positives, this demonstrates that the EDS is more sensitive than medical testing.

  • In 2006 testing with the Asyra for hypothyroidism produced a 97% correlation with blood tests.

  • A number of research studies are currently underway using the Asyra Pro.  In 2010 a very successful outcome study as conducted with 35 allergy patients.  See and click on "Asyra Research" for more information.


How does the imprint/remedy work?


Molecules that are administered to you (drugs, vitamins, hormones, co-factors, etc.) “work” by binding to specific receptors on the cell membrane, triggering a change within the cell - a “drug” or biological effect. This is the structural matching paradigm.

In the vibrational paradigm, the paradigm of Imprinting or Homeopathy, the molecules that are given to you as well as the molecules produced in your body (the molecules that govern your physiology) work not by binding to a specific anatomic receptor on the wall of a cell, but by emitting an electromagnetic signal or signature, vibrating at a specific frequency, termed “resonance frequency,” that can be sensed and responded to by the cells of your body.  In Homeopathy we do not give you the structural molecule that emits the frequency of interest; we simply give you its resonant frequency, but in concentrated, or “potentiated” form.

The Asyra contains tens of thousands of specific frequencies in the hard drive of the computer. These frequencies can be transmitted into you via the Asyra for the purpose of evaluation. The specific frequencies that your body finds of value can then be imprinted into a carrier solution.

When you place drops of the imprinted solution under your tongue, the specific frequencies enter your body, distribute through your energetic nervous system, and stimulate your cells to respond. In essence it is a software program for the innate intelligence or energetic being that stimulates it to direct the physical tissues to adhere to an optimum pattern.

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