Clearing the path ahead whilst becoming stronger on all levels

                               I have had an interest in healing since I was a teenager. I developed a love for crystals whilst at University                                     and collected them for several years. In 1998 I embarked on a two year diploma course qualifying as a                                           registered Crystal Therapist in 2000 with the Vantol College of Crystal Therapy (Dip. VCCT).  During this                                       course I studied the therapeutic qualities of crystals and specific ways in which to place them on and                                             around the body aiming to create balance and healing.


I later created An Introduction to Crystals & Energy workshops, Crystal Meditation and Crystal sensing classes, which I have found to be a wonderful way to introduce others to the world of Crystals and their therapeutic qualities.








Soon after starting Crystal Therapy and for several years, I also trained in Vortex Healing® which is an energetic type of healing that can impact both emotional issues and all aspects of the body's energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, energy bodies and physical body; gaining Multi-Frequency and up to the Genetics level. Moira Camino Healing then started to become a way to offer a tailored range of therapies combining learnings from many different holistic approaches. 


I then trained and became a Journey™ Therapist in 2003.


With ever increasing interest in health and wellbeing and energy I trained to work with a state-of-the-art energetic resonance equipment - The Asyra Pro and qualified as a Bio-Resonance Health Practitioner in 2014 and I use this system in conjunction with other treatments mentioned above.

With an increased interest in nutrition linked to wellbeing, I decided to study a course on Nutrition with The School of Natural Health Sciences and gained my diploma in July 2015 whereby I can give basic, sound advice on nutrition in conjunction with my other therapies but mainly as an add on to my Bio-Resonance screening work to get a more in depth picture of my client's nutritional needs and improve the way I could support them further with their health needs.

I then studied a course on Homeobotanicals, which combines the power of herbs with the potency of homeopathy to create tinctures and qualified as a Homeobotanicals therapist in 2018.  Again, I use this either alongside the Asyra, with other therapies or as a stand alone treatment.

In 2019, I was very fortunate to be one of the first ever people in the world to train and qualify in Star Reiki Level 1 with the original Star Reiki Master Lindsay Fairbairn.


“I feel very fortunate to work in the field that I do. I meet varied and interesting people and I always aim to empower my clients to connect with their highest potential on all levels”  Moira Griffiths-Camino Dip. VCCT, Dip, SNHS Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), Hb T

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