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Moira Camino Healing

Practicing in Teddington TW11 and Hampton TW12, Middlesex, North, North West and South of England.


Having worked as an intuitive healer for over 20 years, and pulling on a wealth of different healing modalities and experience, I offer Crystal & Multi Dimensional Healing, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Star Reiki and Theta Healing.  I also offer Crystal meditation classes and one to one training and healings in person and via zoom. Registered with the BCMA and The Healer Foundation.

The joy of my healing work is that I get to help people transform into their wonderful selves.  

Those that come to me for healing feel like they want to move forward in some area of their life such as their work, their healing/spiritual awakening, or from a relationship etc. They don’t however currently have the energy, resources or focus to see/know how to take the next steps. 

Once someone has had several sessions with me with ongoing support in between, I have seen them start to feel clearer on a physical, mental and emotional level and we can then start to create ideas as to how to achieve their goals from a place of clarity, energy, focus, self-worth and very importantly self-love.

“Moira has a delightful personality as well as an incredible healing gift. Her use of crystals, really helped me at a time of great stress and I recommend Moira whole-heartedly for anyone wishing to become who they really are.” 

Marc. M Clinical Director at Mortiboys Dental Spa

Moira is one of the best healers I have been to. I have been having treatments from her for many years and have been so impressed by the results and transformations in my life. The healings were so powerful that it has led me to train in these particular therapies myself. Moira is friendly and a pleasure to have a treatment from. I cannot recommend her highly enough.                        

Cara. B  Vortex Healer/Massage Therapist


Therapies Offered
  • Distance Healing

Recent News

Feeling stressed and burnt out?

If you feel permanently stressed, under the weather and lacking energy, then Multi dimensional Healing & Crystal Therapy could be what you are looking for.  These therapies have been known to help to clear out and relax the whole system, re-energising you physically, mentally and emotionally. After treatments, clients often feel like they’ve had a massage for the body and the soul! 

15% off first treatment, just quote “INTRO” when booking.




“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese proverb.)

After a course of Crystal treatments, if you feel the benefits that so many clients report, why not learn how to help yourself by learning Crystal Meditation?

During these classes we clear and recharge our system with a guided meditation.  We then sense different crystals and see for ourselves the effect that they have on our wellbeing, mentally, emotionally and physically. This can then give you the confidence to start working with and meditating with crystals yourself.  Classes run via zoom once per month.  Please contact me for dates and times.  £12 per class